2018 Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors works with heartfelt devotion to support Grace House, as we all believe deeply in the hope of recovery.  We are women and men lifting up women, believing that to help a woman is to help a family.

Our work at Grace House is done without a lot of fanfare, but we accomplish a great deal of good. Fifty-one women have shared our home and learned better ways to live.

Importantly, we have changed the conversation in our part of the world around the diseases of addiction, helping our ladies and their loved ones understand that women in recovery are heroic, making enormous efforts to recover their health and well-being so they may return to their homes, families, faith communities, and workplaces and resume their lives, strong in their sobriety.

We are grateful to the community of Shenandoah for its support of our efforts and we celebrate our place in this caring community, giving back in many ways. Each time a neighbor reaches out their hand in friendship, we reach back with joy and gratitude.