Grace House is, first and foremost, a home. We are not a detox or a treatment center or a rehab facility.

We are a family of like-minded people who share a common goal—to live sober lives, rich with purpose and worth.

We are a symbol of hope, a clear demonstration that life holds many opportunities for recovery and redemption.

For the women who live at Grace House, we are a life line.  We offer a stable and comfortable home when it is most needed. Grace House provides the fellowship that is a vital part of recovery—a sober, mutually supportive transitional environment in which to find health and independence.

The women of Grace House are living proof that the diseases of alcoholism and drug addiction are treatable and that recovery is made possible by integrating the principles and fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous into one’s daily life.

The power of AA  & NA is widely held to be vested in sharing life experiences and in the belief that the gift of sobriety is one which must be passed on. In this tradition, we are the gift that keeps on giving.

Every day at Grace House, our Board of Directors, volunteers, the women we serve and their families, the people who work with us and support us, are spreading the message of hope in recovery. We do this quietly, steadily, and with great purpose.

We are committed to helping end the suffering that is all around us, one day at a time, one person at a time, fostering community awareness about the diseases of addiction, and offering companionship to others in recovery.

Our message is simple. For you—or someone you love—help and hope are within reach.